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Amanda Young

After working for various small and local businesses, I fulfilled an entrepreneural dream when I started a business in 2013. My husband and I co-own Tri-City Barbell Club, a private strength training facility in Kennewick, Washington. Located in downtown, I realized the businesses around us were either closing their doors or lacking in modern design & marketing methods. Selfishly, I started providing my design & marketing services to fellow business owners to keep my creative juices flowing.

A few years and many happy clients later, I formed Young Media Company. I provide customized design & marketing services that are otherwise unavailable to local businesses. Imagine having an awesome brand, consistent throughout your marketing, and only having to call one person for all of these needs: me.



WSU, Edward R. Murrow School of Communications
M.A., Strategic Communications, 2016

Washington State University
B.A., Digital Technology & Culture, 2014

Professional Writing Certificate

I was born to sell creatively.

As mentioned, I’ve worked for small businesses since age12. I slowly advanced and gained experience everywhere; from concession stands, to waiting tables at a retirement community, to selling t-shirts, then cosmetics, catering, baked goods, cleaning services, private strength training, and even medical spa treatments. I was born an entrepreneur. I always had my own “business” running on the side: dog walking, lawn mowing, yard sales, selling hot string cheese and fruit punch in the park (I was ten and lessons were learned), clothing repair, consignment trades, and so on.

Fast forward- I started a brick and mortar business at age 23, completed my Bachelor’s degree in Digital Technology, and my Master’s in Strategic Communications. Everything I learned in school and experienced first-hand working in other small businesses was beneficial to my own. Everything.

I wore all the hats: I researched how to best attract my ideal customers, created my professional brand, my website, my social media presence, took the photos unique to my brand (no stock images here), designed on-brand signage and merchandise, developed an email marketing strategy to retain my customers, and perfected my SEO to ensure all related Google and keyword searches lead to me. I co-founded a strength training facility in less than 1,000 sq. ft. and turned a profit in one year, without paying for any traditional advertising. Our professional, consistent image & strategic marketing has been attracting our ideal clients for 5+ years now.

When I started helping other small business do the same, they needed several of these services. Time and time again, it was these services (the ones I offer now) that proved most needed, and more beneficial. So that’s what I specialize in- I provide local service businesses with the necessary “digital hats” to stay modern and attract their ideal customers. It isn’t enough to just have a Facebook page anymore. We all have to look professional like the big guys, but attract local people who love our little guy charm. That can be tricky- but not for me.

Businesses and entrepreneurs hire me because I customize everything to best suit their needs. I provide a clever & unique strategy for every business, and I design pretty damn well. I’ve worked with many businesses in different industries, in various neighborhoods, attracting clients of every demographic. I know your priority isn’t to have the single greatest design piece, at any cost necessary. You don’t need the world’s greatest website for top dollar, the most expensive menus, or the latest camera equipment. I also know which business can get away with the cheapest business cards, and which ones can’t.

Don’t overspend on every single service, don’t waste your time trying to DIY. You need a professional who can evaluate your business’ needs, research your industry, and stretch your budget to get you a modern, consistent image everywhere your customers are.


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I should have done this sooner. Amanda seriously delivered. I get compliments on everything.
— Tara Truax, Marketing Consultant