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Modern Design & creative marketing

for your local business

Small business smarts + modern design talent


I’m Amanda Young. I started working for various small and local businesses at age 12. I did anything the owner needed- because that’s the nature of the small business beast. You hustle, and you need people who “just get it'“.

I’m that person.

I specialize in custom design & marketing plans for local businesses.

I have a knack for small & local business. I’ll cut right to it— I want you to make profit, stay in business long-term, and make your community a better place while doing it.

What I suggest:

  • Skip traditional marketing methods.

  • Don’t promote yourself to everyone, everywhere.

  • Realize that you don’t need all the clients/customers; you just need enough.

  • The business owner who tries to do everything on their own doesn’t win a trophy— just exhaustion.

  • Do what YOU do best and outsource the rest.

“Let me call my designer…”

Is what you’ll say the next time you need something that isn’t the best use of your time.

This is all second nature to me. I love design and marketing, and I’m damn good at making the most with the least.


Recent Clients Include

Wine & More; wine boutique & bistro | Z Place, an aveda Salon & Spa | Synergy MedAesthetics, Medical Spa | Tri-city barbell club

nolan’s collision | wenatchee body & fender | tara truax; marketing consultant


This is a great investment if you:

  • Want to look outside of “traditional” marketing methods

  • Don’t have time to manage your own social media

  • Want a solid brand and legit marketing plan

  • Want your new business to make a great first impression!

  • Want your existing business to get a modern, digital update

  • Need help marketing to a younger demographic

We will make a great team if you:

  • Like working with someone who is prompt

  • Don’t like wasting precious time or sweet money

  • Like to hear all truth, and no fluff

  • Want a professional design eye & successful marketing experience

  • Can keep an open mind to new ideas


Amanda was so helpful- we have a whole new social media strategy.
— Z Place Salon & Spa