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Modern design & creative marketing for your local business

Areas of Expertise

Website design

A clean, modern website that’s completely unique to you. It’s the eye-catching website you’ve always wanted. It isn’t cookie-cutter and it looks great on a cell phone.

It will function like the perfect employee: have a polished presentation, give customers all the info they need, attract new customers, and help them order/buy/schedule with ease. Available for both service and product businesses. *Requires my commercial photography, or other approved commercial photography prior to final design.

email marketing

Email is alive & well. Unlike social media, you can send your message directly to the people who already want to buy from you. “Likes” and comments are great, but it’s the sales we want in the end, right? Increase your chances with targeted email marketing. Seasonal/ special campaign & on-going strategic marketing plans available.

branding: new or re-design

The best competitive advantage is a memorable name and image that your people will know, love and share. This may be a new, customized brand, or the modern re-design of an older brand. (There’s a reason Coca-Cola updates every decade, right?)

This includes 2 logo variations in all sizes for print and online use, a custom tagline if desired, a custom color pallet and font choices, and your “brand guide” that will help you keep a consistent brand message.

local, guerrilla marketing campaign

You’re a unique business- you need unique marketing! Radio and TV ads are old school and hard on the wallet. Let’s reach your people, where they are, in the most memorable way. Let’s get creative with your dollar and actually bring people in! *Specific to your business; could be online, physical, or a combination of both.

Social Media Coaching

Social media is “free” marketing, but if you aren’t posting the things your people actually want to see (and share), it’s a total waste! Don’t waste time and money trying to figure it out, or chasing “likes”.

This is coaching for you and/or your staff to truly benefit from “free marketing” for years. We’ll discuss: your brand guide (by researching your business, industry, and trends), posting suggestions & inspiration, posting schedule, tracking analytics, and basic campaign planning.

commercial photography

Marketing your business with stock images is like using someone else’s photo on your online dating app. Don’t catfish your customers! Let’s show them what makes you unique. The more they see, the more they can trust you. *Typically required for most services.


the everything- all the hats

You want to dive in 100% and make a real impact that people will notice immediately. This might include several or all of the services listed above. We meet, strategize, devise a plan, and you become my only client until we’ve successfully executed “Project Everything”.

Pros to combining services with me:

  • You get to “reserve me”! The same dedicated professional working 24/7 to complete your project.

  • Your brand gets a more consistent look, feel, and sound.

  • You benefit from my multi-service discounts.

À LA Carte copy & design

Typically reserved for current or previous clients, but tell me what you’re needing! Sometimes I’ll take on a menu re-design, some blog posts, a promotional banner, event flyers, or anything that gets me excited to create.


There is ONE “retainer” position still open. As an alternative to hiring your own graphic designer/ communications director, you can receive various services on a regular basis for a monthly or quarterly retainer. This is completely custom and requires a consult.